Tracy Staunton
10 Dreams in Dublin
10 images printed onto the walls of 10 buildings in Dublin.Traces of inhabitants and their things, shadows of other worlds. The images are printed onto the wall. They are disclosed rather than constructed. The wall is like a sponge which has soaked up dreams, yearning, grief, hope, small victories and quiet comings and goings. The prints themselves remain semi-hidden,seen only accidentally or incidentally by the occupants of the building. In some circumstances they will be discovered by a new owner. In one instance the Ladies under O'Connell Street has been filled with cement. The image remains, like a time capsule, perhaps to be discovered in another age. The Laundry on Sean McDermott Street will be demolished next year along with its ghostly images.The prints in a first floor room in Eccles Street will be painted over; invisible now, they exist quietly in the fabric of the wall. Shades, echoes, residues, ghosts.

The 10 dream-sites are mostly concentrated in the north inner city. The buildings are ordinary and extraordinary. it was my wish to make a trail which cut a cross-section through the fabric of the city. Everyday places, hidden places, secret places. Some of the buildings are of historical significance, some are not. Some are beautiful, some are not. They are all particular to Dublin. The work is public art of a private nature.

Walls and memory, buildings and ghosts, cities and nostalgia. Tracy Staunton 2003

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