Tracy Staunton

"With this project I wish to interrogate breaks, cracks; gapings. Breaks in the city, cracks in time, wounds in the world, gaps in the notion of self"

24th - 27th Septermber 2009, The Joinery, Arbour Hill, Dublin 7. luas - museum     Poster

25th September is Culture Night- open till midnight!     check out (The Joinery is on the map)

The Keeper of Secrets

"a lighted lamp in the window watches in the secret heart of night" Rimbaud, Emmure
The window is the inward looking eye of 84 James's Street. The moving picture in the window tells the secrets of the house.

Museum of Minutiae

A wall-print and sound installation commissioned The National Library in Dublin in 2004. Its' images and sounds are echoes of newspaper stories selected from the last 100 years and reflecting the colour and tone of the times.

10 Dreams in Dublin

Buildings and ghosts, places and intimacy, shadows on walls. "10 Dreams in Dublin" are 10 images printed onto the walls of 10 buildings in Dublin. the results are videoed, making a map of Dublin particular to this time.

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