Tracy Staunton
The Keeper of Secrets

CAPTURED @ The Digital Hub
06th June 07th July 2006

In February 2006, The Digital Hub called for submissions from artists to respond to six buildings, due for re-development as part of the next phase of The Digital Hub, a nine acre site in the historic Liberties area of Dublin.

The project attracted a huge response and six artists were chosen - Ian Corcoran, Stoneypockets, Anne Maree Barry, Tracy Staunton, The Hyperion Project and Fergus Kelly.

CAPTURED was an exhibition by six digital media artists exploring, documenting and capturing the history of six former Guinness buildings located in The Digital Hub.

'The Keeper of Secrets' installation was live in the window of No. 84 James's St. (Directly opposite the famous James's Gate) during July 2006

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