10 Dreams in Dublin, 2003…

Memory-images screen printed directly onto the walls inside 10 buildings in Dublin.

The buildings represent a cross-section of the fabric of Dublin City. They are both ordinary and extraordinary, old and new. They all belong to Dublin. The fate of these buildings with their dream-images has been varied since 2003. Some remain, the images seen accidentally or incidentally by occupants or visitors to the building. Some will have been discovered, like a surprise, by a new owner or user. In one instance, the former Ladies public toilets below O’Connell Street has been filled with cement. The dream image remains, another layer in the City. The image on the wall of the Laundry on Sean McDermott Street has been demolished along with the building. They are part of the Citys’ memory. The images in a first-floor room of a Georgian house in Eccles Street have been painted over. They remain, part of the silence of the walls. the sites are 1. No. 56 Eccles Street, Dublin 1, 2. Flat, Mountain view Court, Summerhill, Dublin 1, 3. Aldborough House, Portland Row, Dublin 1, 4. No. 19 Buckingham Street, Dublin 1, 5. Laundry, Sean McDermott Street, Dublin 1, 6. Boys School, Rutland Street, Dublin 1, 7. Ladies, below O’Connell Street, Dublin 1, 8. The National Ballroom, 20 Parnell Square North, Dublin 1, 9. The Olympia Theatre, Dame Street, Dublin 2, 10. The Tearooms, Killiney Beach, Co. Dublin

The work is visible and invisible, it is public art of a private nature.

Map of sites
Site 1: Everyday conversation
Site 2: Tea
Site 3: Cleaning dreaming house
Site 4: Small quiet place
Site 5: Drying days
Site 6: Silent voices
Site 7: Below Dublin dream
Site 8: Dancing
Site 9: Haunted
Site 10: Days