In the room, 2016…

A series of prints using the media mezzotint and photo-etching.

They were there, stage 3

The work reflects on how a ‘self’ becomes a ‘self’. We come and go in the light cast by those with whom we share a space, those whose paths we cross. Absent others also cast shadows, and we are moulded by the presence and absence of others met in Time, as well as in space. This is an inquiry into how identities intertwine, mutate, and grow with others. The work plays with the concept of traces left on one another. The self is both revealed and hidden in this way, written and rewritten in the manner of graffiti. The borders of the person are drawn and redrawn, inscribed, transgressed, and imprinted. Never fixed, rather shifting and becoming. A conceptual understanding of the process of printmaking and how it maps onto the process of becoming and unbecoming a ‘self’ forms the basis of the work. The media employed are mezzotint and photo-etching. The light and shadow of the mezzotint reveals and hides those represented in the photo-etching. The layers of mezzotint represent the layers of time.

Crossing Paths, stage 5
Crossing Paths, stage 9
In the room, The Uncles