The project is about Time and interiority. It turns on the idea that the inside time is different from that of outside. This is true of the interior time of the mind and of the time of the space we call home. In fact, they are the same: the home space is the ‘where’ of the mind in the world.

It is memory that places us in the world. I know a room is a room because of all the other rooms I have encountered. Every place triggers an image of another. I know this place is this place by how it is different, but the same as the others.

Domestic space has the special quality of being intimately known, it is familiar. It contains all of the other places that are the same but different. Each room is one and all rooms at the same time. The space of the domestic interior stretches to contain all of this, all of time. Small because it is intimate, yet enormous as the mind.

The works are projections/photo-images in interior spaces.

‘House Fugue’ 2020
‘3 O’Clock’, 2020

‘In the afternoon’, 2020
‘Another evening’, 2020

‘Time’, 2022