The Keeper of Secrets, 2006…

A portrait of a ‘House-mind’

84 James Street, Dublin

The house at 84 James Street sits on an original City boundary. This investigation uses the technique of screen print directly on the walls of the interior to imagine the memory of the house, its’ ‘mind’. A video of the interior with the wall images was projected into the window of the house for a week of evenings in June 2006.

The project is about the City, the House, and interiority. The images on the walls reflect the quietness, the ‘insideness’ of a room folded within the City. The project explores the memory of the house; its’ ‘mind’. The project plays with ideas of inside and out, interior versus exterior time. It references surrealist ideas of the uncanny or ‘unheimlich’. The work is silent, as the walls of the house. It keeps its’ secrets. The work speaks to what is unsaid and unseen and to the House as representative of the boundary between within and without.