Wounded Time, 2010…

Out of Time at Five sites in Dublin City.

Wounded Time is an investigation in drawing, video, and writing into ‘heterochronic’ spaces (after Foucault). The heterochronic space is a space that is out of time, dislocated. The project presents five such sites in Dublin. they are at 1. The Oval at Stephens Street, 2. Cornmarket, 3. Foster Place 4. Upper O’Connell Street and 5. Cromwells Quarters. The project plays itself out through ‘scores’, and videos/projections made from the scores. There is a series of short texts related to each site. The ‘score’ is composed around an analysis of extant buildings from each of the sites. The scores represent an invisible but experienced reality. These sites remember the ratios and proportions, the vibrations of another time. The videos present walkers who move in time to this unseen state. The texts relate the moments of disjunction experienced in each space (the space of present-day Dublin) to an image of ‘Wounded Time’. The work circles a set of ideas about time, including those of Henri Bergson and Maurice Merleau-Ponty.

Map showing location of 5 sites
2. The Crossing, at Cornmarket

4. Walking the mall, at Upper O’Connell Street
1. Caesura, at the Oval, Stephens Street
3. The new body at Foster Place

5. The lost present, at Cromwells Quarters